Thursday, August 9, 2012

"The Transplanted Ghost"

"The Transplanted Ghost:  A Christmas Story", by Wallace Irwin
(from Humorous Ghost Stories)

Started off with promise enough, but ended up being pretty dull, with hardly any humor (but no horror, either).  Also, this story felt much more modern than most of the others.  Electricity, station wagons, etc.

Three interesting points:

--  It took me a while to realize that "donjon" must be an variant of "dungeon". 

--  The ghost makes reference to "earth-years", which makes me think of an alien speaking to an earthling.

--  The castle moved (piece by piece) from England (or Europe in general) to America is a familiar premise.  It's fascinating to think of... Such an extravagant action-- so costly-- so eccentric.  I wonder if it was ever actually done...