Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning
by P.G. Wodehouse

Publisher's Blurb:
The Honorable Galahad Threepwood has decided to write his memoirs and everyone dives for cover; meanwhile, Lord Emsworth's prize pig has been stolen, and the castle is abuzz with imposters all pretending to be one another.

My Reaction:
This was another read-aloud book, and one that we dragged out for a while. Dragging books out never does them any favors, but it was still a fun read.  It seems that (based on what we've read so far) the Blandings books are slightly more sentimental than the Jeeves and Wooster books.  At least, there seem to be more descriptions of nature... more romances that aren't there just for comedy... more realistic, toned-down emotions than in J&W books, from what I can recall.  I'm not sure which style I prefer.  Both series are very good.  This one was no different.

I think the preface was just about as funny as the book itself!  I suspect that Wodehouse would have contrived a way to make even his grocery lists and "gone out; back soon" notes amusing (were it likely that a man of his position and era made grocery lists... which it is not).