Thursday, May 21, 2015

Full Moon

Full Moon
by P.G. Wodehouse

Despite marriage to a millionaire's daughter and success as a vice-president of Donaldson's Inc., manufacturers of the world-famous Donaldson's Dog-Joy, Freddie Threepwood, Lord Emsworth's younger son, still goes in fear of his aunts when at Blandings Castle. Full Moon tells the story of how he faces them down while promoting the love of Bill Lister and Prudence Garland. 

A charming Blandings comedy with a full Wodehouse complement of aunts, pigs, millionaires, colonels, imposters and dotty earls.

My Reaction:
I agree with the last line of the blurb.  Yes, this is a charming Blandings comedy.

It felt like we dragged this one out a little too long, what with one thing and another, so I don't have many clear memories or exact reactions.  To be honest, as much as I like Wodehouse, many of his books do tend to run together in my mind.  However, I remember laughing a lot, so it must've been pretty good. 

Bits that I do recall as being especially funny:
--Freddie Threepwood's unwavering enthusiasm for Donaldson's Dog-Joy...

--Bubble-headed (but beautiful) Veronica, whom I can just hear saying "Dad-dy"...

--Lord Emsworth's wish to have the likeness of the Empress of Blandings captured for future generations to enjoy...