Friday, December 4, 2015

Pigs Have Wings

Pigs Have Wings
by P.G. Wodehouse

My Blurb:
Another day, another pig-napping plot (or two).  It's business as usual at Blandings Castle.  We have lovers torn asunder by interfering relatives, lack of funds, and unfortunate mix-ups-- espionage and intrigue in the high-stakes world of competitive pig-fattening-- and more.  Fortunately, Gally Threepwood is on the scene and equal to any challenge.

My Reaction:
(This was a shared read, as per usual for Wodehouse.)

I enjoyed it, but if Goodreads enabled half-stars, I'd have rated this one as 4.5 stars.  Instead, I'm reminded of the many, many laughs and rounding it up to 5 stars.

Why the wish to dock a half-star?  Well, there was a certain... not quite staleness, but repetitiveness...  Of course, as anyone who's read more than a few of his books well knows, Wodehouse is repetitive.  In the essentials, one of his books is much like another-- particularly within the same series.  It's the sparkling presentation that makes him wonderful.  Maybe it's just my mood-- maybe I've read one too many in a given length of time-- or maybe this particular book is somehow lacking in comparison with some of the others.  For whatever reason, in this one, that repetitiveness was ever-so-slightly more noticeable than usual.

Another nit-pick is that Lord Emsworth felt like a different character, at times, from his usual self.  He seemed a little too "with it", at times.  Not his usual completely oblivious, head-in-the-pig-shaped-clouds self, if you know what I mean.

All in all, a very amusing read.  The last bit-- the "news clipping"-- was the cherry on top.