Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lucia's Progress

Lucia's Progress
by E.F. Benson

My Blurb:
With the approach of a significant milestone, Lucia decides that she must look sharp, if she wants to leave a lasting mark upon the world.  Never one to dilly-dally, she immediately sets her plans into action.  She'll have to keep on her toes if she hopes to balance serious mark-making with her duties as Tilling's society queen.

My Reaction:
(This is my second time reading Lucia's Progress; this time around, it was a shared read.)

Lucia and Company never fail to entertain!  Rejoining the characters is like reuniting with a circle of old friends.  They are old friends that tend to snipe at one another, gossip, and (gently) back-stab-- and some of them aren't so much "friends" as they are rivals-- but it's amusing and cozy gossip and sniping.

I slightly preferred some of the previous Lucia books to this one, but it is still thoroughly pleasing stuff of its kind.

Interesting tidbit:  This book has also been published under the title The Worshipful Lucia.