Friday, September 9, 2016

Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery

Grey Mask: A Miss Silver Mystery
by Patricia Wentworth

After Charles was jilted at the altar by Margaret, he discovers that she is mixed up in a vicious kidnapping plot masterminded by a sinister figure in a grey mask. Charles turns to Miss Silver to uncover the strange truth behind Margaret's complicity, and the identity of the terrifying and mysterious individual behind the grey mask.

My Reaction:
I believe this was my first time reading anything by Patricia Wentworth, but I'm sure it won't be the last.  Though it was disappointingly thin on Miss Silver (the sleuth in Wentworth's thirty-two mystery novels), I found the book enjoyable-- a pleasant read in the "Golden Age" style.  I'll just look forward to learning more about the unusual Miss Silver in the next book or two...

There were some things that didn't make complete sense to me, but in the end, I simply didn't care.  It kept me entertained, which was all I asked.

Yes, Margot Standing is frightfully silly, but I found her much more amusing than annoying (to read about; she'd be awful to encounter in real life)-- you'll probably figure out the identity of Grey Mask before the "unmasking"-- and you may scratch your head at the conveniently bizarre behavior of some of the characters (not just telling one another things, mainly)-- but it's not bad for an author's first mystery.  There's every reason to hope that the books improved as the series continued.