Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sweden - inside out

Sweden - inside out, by Anita Shenoi

So you've heard of IKEA and Ingemar Bergman.  But how much do you know about the country behind the famous names?

Get the low-down from an insider, who presents a wry but affectionate perspective on Sweden and its super-shiny Swedes.  Packed with pointers for business travellers, tourists or new residents alike, this guide guarantees to turn Sweden inside out!

My Reaction:
This book (a gift from Swedish in-laws) provides a good, broad-strokes overview of Sweden for anyone interested in the country.  Someone looking to plan a trip will want to dig deeper for specifics-- and the book provides many web addresses (scattered through the text) to point you in the right direction.

Because it tries to give a little of everything, some topics are sure to interest you more than others.  (That's just the nature of this type of book.)  Fortunately, each segment is brief, so if you find your attention wandering, it won't be not long before the subject shifts. 

There are lots of photos to keep things interesting, which also means that the book is a shorter read than it looks from the outside.

(Side note:   The author is a native of Britain, which was very obvious from some of her word choices and syntax.  I don't know that it affects her approach and perspective, but I suppose it's possible.)

So-- good for a brief look at Sweden from a variety of angles.  For more in-depth coverage of specific topics-- history, cuisine, travel-- you'll probably need to locate additional resources.