Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Girl on the Boat

The Girl on the Boat, by P.G. Wodehouse

Billie, a young woman with a lately developing habit of finding herself engaged to the wrong man finally becomes engaged to the right man, only to put an end to that engagement, as well.  Fortunately, the right man is persistent, and Fate is kind-- but not before she (Fate, that is) has her fun with the would-be love-birds and their friends and family. 

My Reaction:
We chose this novel as our next Wodehouse read simply because I found it available for free on  I expected it to possibly be inferior quality Wodehouse (i.e. still a good comedic read), but was pleasantly surprised.  This is not quite equal to the pinnacle of the Jeeves and Wooster body of work, but neither does it slouch.  In fact, I enjoyed it very much, indeed.  (The "authorial asides" are wonderful.)  Highly recommended!  Wodehouse is just plain good for the soul-- an escape into an ideal world where nothing very bad is likely to happen, and there are sure to be many good laughs along the way.