Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dear Coca-Cola

Dear Coca-Cola, by Terry Ravenscroft

Non-spoilery observations, reactions, etc.:
  • I read this one aloud with Donald. 
  • At first, I thought this would be a collection of unwittingly amusing letters written to Coca-Cola by a variety of "regular people".  It turned out to be a collection of rather silly letters (of complaint, recommendation, query, etc.) written to a variety of businesses/corporations by a single (rather silly) man-- Mr. Ravenscroft himself.  
  • Some of the letters are amusing. 
  • Some of the letters take things a little too far (imho) and lead me to roll my eyes and sympathize with the poor men and women tasked with reading and responding to them.  On the one hand, these letters could have been a spot of humor and a little change of pace in what must ordinarily be the somewhat boring grind of responding to the same old same, day in, day out.  On the other hand, they surely have better things to do with their day, and Ravenscroft (who is roughly the same age as one of my grandfathers) comes across a bit more like a teen-aged prankster than a grown man of advanced years. 
  • I feel like a middle-aged fun-squasher, admitting to the feelings described in the bullet-point above.  I think that reaction is the result of reading these letters one right after another... Prolonged exposure wears down my (possibly weak) tolerance for such things.  Still, at least some of it was funny.  Maybe it's better taken in small doses.
  • The author is British, so it was interesting noting which products were familiar and which were not.  (I think I could happily read a [brief] book just about products in foreign countries... I enjoyed wandering around the grocery stores in Sweden, for instance.  But then again, if I'm not in a rush and it's not too crowded, I sometimes enjoy looking around American grocery stores, too.  I am easily entertained.)
  • The last 15% or so of the book seems to be excerpts from the author's other publications and quick reviews from satisfied customers.   (I didn't read through them all, so I can't say for sure.)
  • I'd certainly consider reading more by the same author, though based on the few excerpts I did read, I think I'm more interested in his works of nonfiction (like this one) than those of fiction.